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Post Info TOPIC: Brutal Face Sits, Hot Babe Beat Down + MORE!


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Brutal Face Sits, Hot Babe Beat Down + MORE!

Wrestling, Wrestling Women, Female Wrestling, Mixed Wrestling, Cat Fight Videos!

SK-377 "Facesit, I won"

Nicole vs. Randy Moore

Female Wrestling New Releases


This exciting and very sexy female wrestling match features the curvaceous blonde Randy and the ever erotic Nicole O. Randy took the belt from Nicole O. and she is here today to re-claim it! The match has been decided as a grueling, 10 count, pin to submission and knock out only. Nicole will do what ever it takes to get her belt back! However, Randy has a whole different mind set and makes a huge statement by winning the first knock out submission!The first count has been made and they rally on! Witness some of the sexiest grapevine pins you have ever seen, as these beautiful women grapple in tight body presses, which are sure to have you begging for more! Body and head scissors with some of the best legs in the business, certainly the sexiest! Brutal face sits, choke holds, back breakers, rear naked chokes, sleeper holds and breast smothers are just a fraction of the action!The final fall comes with one beautiful vixen choked out and she lay motionless on the canvas, as the winner arrogantly expresses her claims to the belt. She is suddenly hit hard from behind and crashes to the floor, is viciously attacked then finished off with a long face sit. The winner posses in victory over her fallen opponent! Only one superior woman today! Click here to watch now!



Female Wrestling Clips | Sexy Female Wrestling Videos


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SK-272 "Slick & Sultry"

Frankie vs. RandyDarling vs. Bill

2 Mixed Oil Wrestling, 1 Topless


We bring you sexy, hot, outdoor mixed oil wrestling, from beautiful Southern California. The ever-gorgeous busty brunette Frankie, with arms of steel, strong thighs, and mad sex appeal. See glistening bodies in the slippery oil, as Frankie is out to show Randy her dominance. Then a barely clad Darling relentlessly works over Bill into every hold and position imaginable! She ends Bills day with a must see face sit- figure four head scissors!Click here to watch now!



Mixed Oil Wrestling | Male vs Female Wrestling Clips


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SK-355 "Ring Thunder - Catfight"

Nicole O. vs. VIPFemale Wrestling * Catfight


Waiting for her friend at the dojo, Nicole is ready for a night out on the town. Her friend VIP, shows up with some exciting news that her boyfriend has trophied her as his #1 Lover. Excited to share the news with Nicole, VIP brings in her prized ribbon to show Nicole. They both laugh like little girls till VIP slips out his name, Kaos. Nicole wants to verify that this is the same Kaos she is dating and sure enough it is. She just gave Kaos a beating for finding out he has been playing the field with the other girls at the gym, but now she knows for sure who his favorite is! Nicole O. has a ballistic temper and she went off like volcano! Mad as a hornet, she attacks VIP in a fray of slaps, breast grabs and more and soon VIPs beautiful red dress is ripped from her body. VIP is much larger than Nicole O. but that doesnt stop the sexy womans scorn. Dresses are torn off, hair pulled, breasts are savagely grabbed, faces are slapped, necks are choked, and the screaming assaults echo in the ring. The two cat fighters collide with all their feminine aggressions till one womens night is all over, as she is KOd and left in the ring corner, tied up and labeled for a special delivery warning to an unsuspecting boyfriend. Guys, never mess with a womans scorn, it will always find a way to beat you!Click Here to watch now!



Catfighting | Female Wrestling Clips


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 Presented by SteelKittens.com

SK-182 "Day of Reckoning"

Dina vs. Sue Sexton Sabrina vs. Sweet Destiny

2 Pro-Am Female Wrestling Matches



 First, ex World Champion Sue Sexton battles busty Dina in a submission only pro-am female wrestling match. Dina wins fall one with a brutal figure 4 leg lock. Then Sue punishes Dina with a camel clutch for the win in fall two. A violent ending leaves a bruised woman tied to the ropes. Sweet Destiny battles Sabrina in match two, and the loser lies spread-eagled and helpless in this two of three fall bruising bout. These are two great pro-am female wrestling matches on this tape!


Click here to watch now!



Pro Amateur Female Wrestling | Female Wrestling Clips

#steelkittens #femalewrestlingclips #proam #proamateur #proamwrestling #womenswrestling

Presented by SteelKittens.com


AfrikaWrestler Stats: 5'8" 175lbs

Seen In: Professional Womens Wrestling and Special Interest


Biography: Afrika, is not only one of the most powerful women wrestlers in the world, she's one of the best. In fact she has great difficulty finding other women to fight and consequently usually wrestles guys. Afrika's an extremely powerful and talented wrestler who can apply devastating force to her favored holds which include all sorts of chokes, head and body scissors, bear hugs, arm locks, grapevines, Boston Crabs, and unbelievably powerful body slams and power bombs!



Fun Facts about Afrika:

What are your interests outside the ring? My family and friends, hiking, running with my dog and designing programs to help people live longer and get healthy

What are your Favorite Hobbies? Fitness any sport

Favorite Desert? Frozen Fat free yogurt

Favorite Food? Sushi (sashimi) Tuna

Favorite Band? Xavier and ChazukaFavorite Car? H2 Hummer and I own one

Favorite Store? Nike TownFavorite Drink? Water

What is your most favorite thing to do when you relax?On the beach with my ITunes and a good book or watch a comedy or a suspense thriller and be in the company of my family and friends.




Professional Female Wrestlers | Steel Kittens Wrestlers


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