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TOPIC: Robin's Live Event Matches Available/Sponsors Needed

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Robin's Live Event Matches Available/Sponsors Needed

Hello Everyone,

I had a great event on August 15 and if you weren't there, I wish you had been!  It was an event to be remembered!!!  All the matches were excellent and are now for sale through me and have been added to my site, http://www.lesfemmesfatales.com today, as well as lots of AMAZING pics from the Event.  The Entire Event is for sale at the low price of $175 plus shipping.  That is 9 competitive matches running approximately 20 minutes each.  Or you can buy the dvds individually for $25 each plus shippingHere is a rundown of the match ups!  A couple of the matches are also for sale on my http://www.fightbabescorner.com website and they will also be available on my competitive clips4sale store at: http://www.clips4sale.com/store/4885

Robin vs Ariel

Kristy Etzold vs Grace (San Francisco)

Jolie (Tempest) vs Liz Lightspeed

Robin vs Grace (San Francisco)

Julie Winchester vs Lisa Comshaw (Pins ONLY)

Jolie (Tempest) vs Christine Dupree

Andrea (The HOT BARTENDER) vs Nicole Oring

Scarlett Devine vs Kristiana


The matches were excellent.  All were extremely competitive and I couldnt have asked for more from these wrestlers.  They gave it their all!!!

Please contact me if you are interested in any of these matches!

And soon Ill be heading over the pond to the UK where I will be competing in Monicas Event on September 26.  I am looking for SponsorsHere is the Information for that event.  Once again, please email me if you are interested in helping me out for this upcoming grueling match!!!  I've attached the information for the sponsorship package.

Last but not least!!!  I will be traveling to San Francisco on September 8 and morning of the 9th.  I will be in London on September 12 and 25 (and 26th for the event, fingers crossed!!)  I will be in Paris from September 14 24.   So please contact me if you have any questions regarding sessions, Monicas Event or my Live Event dvds or downloads!!

Oh yes, and please dont forget to check out my fan site at http://www.fightbabescorner.com and my lift and carry site at http://liftxpress.com.

I also have 3 clips4sale stores that might be of interest to you!  http://www.clips4sale.com/store/4885 and http://www.clips4sale.com/store/5022 and http://www.clips4sale.com/store/5942.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for being a wonderful fan of Womens Wrestling!!!  My sponsorship packages are listed below my signature to this message.

Peace and Love,

Robin xxxx


Hello Everyone,

I need the support of my friends and my fans for my upcoming  match in London against the tough Swedish dominatrix, Lina. Lina is a very experienced wrestler and is a bit taller and heavier than I am, so I have my work cut out for me in this match.  She is tough but I like to take on tough opponents!! This fight will be held at Monicas Wrestling Center in London before a live audience.  I am not being paid for this match. Instead, I will share video rights of my match with Monicas company.  However those shared rights will not be nearly enough to offset my costs in traveling to London and all the expenses I incur in doing this match, hotel and losing out on a day of doing sessions with my London clients.  I want to do this match for my fans who have wanted to see me wrestle at Monicas events for some time now. Therefore, if at all possible please consider sponsoring my match against Lina!!!  This would take off some of the pressure and make me very happy!! The complete sponsorship packages are listed below, but first, here is a description of Lina and me and some significant details of the upcoming match!



Lina is a Scandinavian beauty from Sweden who stands about 57 and weighs about 135 pounds.  However, dont mistake Linas good looks with any thoughts that Lina is just a beauty who wrestles a bit in fluff or fantasy matches.  To the contrary, Lina is one of the more accomplished session wrestlers in Europe and has competed against men and women in tournaments such as the ones operated by Monica in London.  The list of opponents Lina has faced is impressive indeed, which includes, Xana, Kathy Gifford, Jet, Denise Judoka, Nadege, Kristie Etzold, Victoria from Hungary and Tyger from Poland.

Lina has been competing at many of Monicas recent tournaments and has acquitted herself quite nicely in her matches against some incredibly tough competition.  Lina has done primarily f v f matches for Monica, but she has done some competitive mixed matches as well.  In addition, Lina has done several competitive mixed matches for http://www.amazonsprod.com.

Lina is confident she will prevail in her match against Robin based on her size and strength advantage and her large amount of wrestling experience.  Lina is a grappler more than a bjj expert, but she knows all the wrestling moves and is anxious to show Robin what she has.

You can learn more about Lina and see more photos of her at her official website: http://www.misslina.com/.  In addition, you could check out her listing on the wb270 list to see her wrestling experience and stats: http://wb270.com/eur/missLina.htm.


Robin has been involved in the wrestling business for quite some time.  Robin is one of the sexiest wrestlers ever to be involved in the mat scene.  Robin has blonde hair, a great fitness body and stands about 56 and weighs about 120 pounds.  Robins Les Femmes Fatales Productions website was one of the first sites of its type on the Internet.  Robins main website, http://www.lesfemmesfatales.com is still very active today and has a video catalog of more than 330 titles.  Her vast library includes many varying types of videos featuring fantasy, pro-style, fetish and competitive matches among its diverse and numerous offerings.  Robin has done so many sexy and fantasy themed videos, that many wrestling fans do not realize that she is a highly skilled and technical wrestler herself.  Robin has worked for literally dozens of production companies and has competed against such great wrestlers such as Beatrice Goffin, Helen Von Mott, Tania from Belgium, Ana Leal from Portugal, Tina from Sweden and Klaudia from Eastern Europe, and has always given her very best effort.  Indeed, Robin was victorious in many of those very tough match-ups mentioned here.

In recent times, Robin has produced and participated mostly in videos from her own http://www.lesfemmesfatales.com company.  Robin has had recent competitive matches against such tough competition as Ariel X, Viragos Grace, Anne Hurricane, Xana, Ziggy, Sybil Starr (at the WWC), Liz Lightspeed, Christine Dupree, Cathy Aublin from France and Kristie Etzold. Robins most recent competitive matches were at her Live Event in August when she faced Ariel X and then Grace. The Ariel X v Robin match was a classic and arguably one of the finest female v female matches in recent years.

Robin is looking forward to the challenge of fighting such an experienced opponent like Lina.  Robin is confident with her vast wrestling experience, the flexibility and upper body power she has attained doing Power Yoga, her knowledge of bjj holds and her legendary stamina that she can and will defeat Lina.

Therefore, if you are able to do so, LFFP hopes that you would consider purchasing one of the sponsor packages below.  If none of them appeal to you, but if there is something else reasonable that you might suggest LFFP could give you in trade for a sponsorship, email Robin privately at fightbabe@gmail.com to see if some agreement can be reached.  Lastly, if you cannot afford even the least expensive sponsor package, but still want to help support Robin and LFFP, please feel free to send any amount you could afford to LFFP.  If you email Robin, she will give you a PayPal account or make other arrangements for any donations you would be willing to give to support the sponsorships for what should be a great match.

You can view many photos and short video clips of Robin in action at her official Yahoo group, which also has links to her websites and clips4sale stores: http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/FightBabeFatale_Robin/


This will be a 20-minute submission-grappling match, with all wrestling holds and grappling techniques allowed, including joint locks and chokes.  The winner of the match will be the woman who obtains the most submissions in the 20-minute time limit.  Both combatants will wrestle barefoot and wear bikinis in this match, which will be fought on a large matted area.  This match will occur on September 26, 2009 in London, England, and will be available first to sponsors, and then for sale soon thereafter to the general public.


LFFP will offer the following Sponsorship packages in order to encourage persons to contribute to sponsor funds for this match.

Robins Economy Package--$50

For a $50 Sponsorship contribution, one gets a copy of the match on dvd before it is released to the general public, and an autographed photo of Robin.

The Fightbabe Package--$100
For a $100 Sponsorship contribution, one gets a copy of the match on dvd before it is released to the general public, 1 additional dvd of your choosing from the vast LFFP video catalog, a photo cd of the match and an autographed photo of Robin.
The Femdom Babe Package--$200
For a $200 Sponsorship contribution, one gets a copy of the match on dvd before it is released to the general public, and 3 other single dvds of your choosing from the vast LFFP video catalog, a photo cd of the match, a free 2 day membership to LFFP and an autographed photo of Robin.
The Les Femmes Fatales Package--$300
For a $300 Sponsorship contribution, one gets a copy of the match on dvd before it is released to the general public, 4 other single dvds or downloads of your choosing from the vast LFFP video catalog, a photo cd of the match, a one month free membership to Robins LFFP website and an autographed photo of Robin.
Persons interested in sponsoring these matches may contact Robin directly for payment information via email at fightbabe@gmail.com or on her cell phone, 323 702 1947.  Paypal, check, money orders are all accepted forms of payment.

If you can help to make this match happen, please consider doing so, as without sufficient sponsorship packages to cover our production costs; Robin cannot afford to hold what promises to be an exciting competitive match between two highly skilled and sexy competitors.  LFFP and Robin thank you in advance for your consideration of these sponsorship packages.

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