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Post Info TOPIC: no-bra jogger outdoor catfight - uses clothes as weapon


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no-bra jogger outdoor catfight - uses clothes as weapon


check out the 30 photo animated gif at the link above.  don't miss this hot clip.

_ _ _ _ EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE: COLLEGE STUDENT FIGHTS WITH / STRIPS SCHOOL HEAD MISTRESS ON BROOKLYN STREET .   Brooklyn College student Tara is infamous for jogging around the school in her yoga pants and skimpy tops with no bra;   and in this exclusive footage- we first see Tara jogging outside on a sunny day in Brooklyn, NY without a bra on, and her boobs flying out of her top.   She does stop a couple times, with an extremely embarrassed look on her face as she covers her boobs back up,  but she continues to try and jog with her boobs bouncing all over the place.  * Part of this scene is played back in slow-motion.     As Tara is running down the street, she literally bumps into her school's head mistress on the sidewalk,  who immediately turns around and screams "HEY!!"      She catches up to Tara and confronts her- demanding she apologize.  She pushes Tara a bit,  and after Tara throws her water bottle at her, - she throws her sunglasses off,  and charges at Tara.   She pulls viciously at Tara's top, causing her boobs to fly out again, and Tara screams and tries to cover her jiggling mammaries.  Tara retaliates by using the woman's own suit jacket to restrain her - - and she pulls her jacket up over her head,  trapping her arms,  blinding her vision,  and holding her down on the sidewalk.    The head mistress lady screams and tries to escape the hold,  but Tara keeps her trapped up in her own jacket.   The head mistress then claws at Tara's shirt- causing her boobs to fly out again, almost ripping her shirt right off of her.    She is then able to escape the jacket trap, and pulls at Tara's ponytail, - which comes undone,  and Tara's huge mane of red hair falls down, and over her eyes, making it hard for her to see.   Tara is yanked around by her shirt and hair for a moment, but then she grabs a hold of the woman's shirt,  and repeats her defense tactic again, by pulling the shirt up and over the head of the head mistress - trapping her arms and hands in her own shirt- and impairing her vision.   She escapes her own shirt trap after a moment and is able to get her shirt off of her head,  but the sleeves remain stuck over her hands like mittens.    Just as all seems lost, she comes up with a brilliant idea to use her shirt as a lasso,  and swings her shirt over Tara's head,  roping her up.   She pulls down Tara's yoga pants and spanks her,   and while her arms are still restrained by her shirt,   she is bent over and forced to say she is sorry.   She tries to resist, but cannot move,  so she gives up,  and is then sent running down the street with her leggings still down off of her big white booty- which jiggles as she runs away & pulls her pants back up.        features music by The Sewer Rats.  

HD 1280 x 720p

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