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Arranged Catfight


"Sue is very good with her fists and was giving ground intentionally and soon made her move. Appearing to sag, she, came up suddenly, driving her fist into Dawn's crotch and as the girl stopped dead in her tracks, followed through with a pair of punches to each of Dawn's huge nipples that sent her to the floor. Dawn got up slower but much wiser ... "

Thanks so very much for the great coverage that you give to women's fight¬ing and ****fights. Recently, as a result of a contact made through your sister magazine Nugget. Sue and I made con¬tact with Dawn P. Sue, who has had five fights during high school and college (three wins, one loss, and one broken up), enjoys a good cat scrap and I have always enjoyed watching since junior high. Sue proposed that she would fight for me if I could find a girl close to her size who would agree to fight the way she wanted. I wrote to several adver¬tisers and Sue and Dawn hit it off with their first letter and photo exchange.
Distance was the only problem. We finally agreed to travel to Boston if she could put us up for the weekend. We sent our phone number so she could call us and the girls could talk out the final details and then we heard nothing. About six weeks later we got a call from Dawn who said that she and Bill had recently gotten married. His company was about to transfer him out of the state and was willing to pay all her moving expenses if they were married before he left. They now lived about sixty miles from us and were eager to fight.

I had never seen Sue fight but she had teased me by pointing out a girl she had fought and then giving all the details. We have both spent a lot of time at topless and nude beaches so we both know that Sue's 36B stack up well against the other girls and that her nipples (I am a nipple fan) are better than average. One of the things that attracted us to a fight with Dawn was her claim that her 34C's, backed up with generous nipples, show through in her photo, that she had better nipples than anyone with less than a 40DD. Both girls had challenged the other to send a topless photo to prove it but both said the other would have to win her bra to get a free peek.
Here is an account of the fight the girls had, they both have read it and agree it is accurate. Dawn said that she wanted to fight Donna from Utah and asked me to mention that she hasn't had any replies to her challenge.

Sue is 5'4", 122 pounds, 36B-24-35 and wore a black net bra and black silk bikini panties that I had bought special for this fight.
Dawn is 5' 4", 119 pounds, 34C-25-35, and wore a sheer yellow front hook bra and matching hip huggers.
The rules were no scratching, biting, using holds or directing blows at the face, ears, neck or thighs. Hair could be pulled wherever it grew. A five minute rest period between rounds with addi¬tional rest times at the option of the round's winner. It was to be a modified catfight trophy match with the loser's panties and bra going to the winner. The first round was to be a bare fists fight and the other rounds were modified catfighting.

In the first round the girls moved in quickly with their guard up and their breasts well protected. Sue started with a flurry of punches and quickly gave ground to Dawn's return fire. Sue is very good with her fists and was giving ground intentionally and soon made her move. Appearing to sag, she came up suddenly driving her fist into Dawn's crotch as the girl stopped dead in her tracks, followed through with a pair of punches to each of Dawn's huge nip¬ples that sent her to the floor. Dawn got up slower but much wiser. Sue moved in quick for a submission, but was met with a flurry of punches that hit her in every part of her body. Sue returned punch for punch and for about two minutes, they went at it toe to toe until Dawn got Sue with a lucky punch to the breast bone that knocked all the wind out of her. It left her grey-faced and helpless as Dawn drove punch after punch into her breasts and finally finished her off with a punch between the legs that brought tears to Sue's eyes, and a submission to her lips.

In the second round, the loss of the first round had cost Sue her bra and she'd have to continue the catfight por¬tion of the match topless. Both girls looked like they wanted revenge and wasted no time coming together. Dawn kicked out with her foot and Sue caught it and twisted it sending Dawn to the floor. Sue dove at her, driving her knee into her stomach as she landed on her. Dawn grabbed at Sue's naked breast and when Sue attempted to free her breast, Dawn grabbed her by the hair and pulled her sideways off of her.

They rolled back and forth trying to get an advantage with Sue coming up on top again with both hands buried in Dawn's hair and with her legs scissoring Dawn's stomach. Dawn wrenched at Sue's legs and when that failed, tried to reach back and squeeze her breasts but couldn't do either and finally submitted. This time it was Dawn who had to re¬move her bra and bring it to the victor. However, as they stood topless, nipples erect, I couldn't help thinking it was my Sue who looked the more humiliated.
Those finger-sized nipples and breast-sized areola of Dawn totally dwarfed Sues better than average nipples.
Round three had both girls topless and glistening with sweat. They moved toward each other and red welts were still visible from Sues scissors on Dawns sides. With arms outstretched and fingers spread, they moved toward each others breasts. Dawn side-stepped and grabbed Sues arm and twisted it around behind her back and forced her to the ground. Once on the ground she grabbed Sues hair and pulled her head back cruelly while kneeling on her back. Sue pulled at Dawns hand trying to free her hair and finally succeeded both in forcing her to release the grip on her hair and also in pulling her sideways off of her back. Quickly jumping to her feet, Sue got a bearhug on Dawn from behind and got a grip on each of Dawns nipples and pulled on them like a dentist pulling a tooth. That was it for Dawn, after about thirty seconds of not being able to pry Sues fingers off her nipples, she submitted. This cost her bottoms and the next round could cost her the match.

Round four had Sue opting for an extension of the rest period with a beer break. It wasnt that she wanted the rest, but since she had Dawn naked, she wanted to add to the humiliation by making her sit around naked. As the round started, Sue taunted Dawn by ask¬ing how many fights she had lost because of those overgrown nipples and didnt she wish that she was built like other girls so that she wouldnt get hurt so bad? All this time Sue was slapping at the tips of Dawns nipples and moving back quickly so that most of Dawns counter blows were missing her. Large red marks were showing on Dawns breasts and pain was in her eyes as she shot out her foot and kicked Sue in the stomach. That slowed Sue down and now it was Dawns turn to go into action.

She grabbed Sue by the hair and swung her around, sending her to the floor where she quickly straddled her, facing her feet and began to twist her leg back making Sue yelp with the pain as she twisted to get free. Dawn reached between Sues legs and grabbed the crotch of her silk panties and started to pull them off. Sue fought this attempt to even the score by grabbing at Dawns long hair and pulling her backwards while, with her other hand, she groped for her breast. Sue succeeded in pulling her off to one side but not before her panties were down to her knees. Dawn wriggled free and threw herself on top of Sue pinning her arms spread-eagled above her head and bringing a knee up into Sues crotch and then straightening her leg out, pushing her panties down to her ankles and off. The score was now even and Dawn jumped off Sue snatching up the panties from the floor and tossing them to Bill.
In the fifth and final round, both girls were excited as evidenced by the fierce erection of their nipples and flushed faces as they came out of their corners for the last round. Sues nipples, while still small when compared with Dawns, as Dawns were bigger and harder than Id ever seen them. They locked hands and pressed together arms apart in a strength test, their bodies slowly coming together until there were breasts and nipples mashed together and Sues were slowly engulfed by Dawns. Sues arms were slowly forced back by the stronger girl, and she had to give ground to keep from falling and was soon up against the wall.
Bill and I were both urging our girl on to victory and shouting instructions. Sue twisted to the side and forced her shoulder to get free. Quickly turning to face each other, they came together in a bearhug which ended with Sue tripping Dawn and still locked together, they crashed to the floor, the girls on their sides kicking and kneeing at each other and using one hand to hold the other and the free hand to punch and tug at the others hair.
Sue got Dawn good with her knee and broke free. Both girls were quickly on their feet and lunged at each other with each grabbing the others hair with one hand and a swollen nipple in the other. Eyes locked on each other as they both went at it, groaning and letting out gasps of pain as one or the other twisted or pulled at the others privates in a particularly painful way.

Tears started to run down Dawn's face and Sue asked her if she was willing to call it a draw or it would be a fight until she passed out. Dawn's response was to release her grip on Sue's crotch and to slam her fist into it three or four times. Sue's knees buckled and she went down on her stomach groaning. Dawn threw herself on top of her and reached under her chest and grabbed her tit and, with the other hand, reached up under her and mauled her crotch. That was enough for Sue, she yielded the match.
The girls showered and got cleaned up and when they returned Dawn was wearing Sue's outfit. It looked great on her and Sue knew it. Before Dawn and Bill left, Sue made her promise that she could have a rematch sometime and that Dawn would wear the newly won outfit so that she could have a chance of getting it back. - C. T., Ohio.


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