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More Clawing Catfights from Cavalier


This letter is in response to the letter from Jill and her boyfriend which appeared in the December 89 issue of Cavalier. My name is Kaye, and as a result of my boyfriend's intense interest in catfights, I have gained a great deal of experience and knowledge about the subject. My boyfriend asked me to write this letter because he loves reading your "Fight Time" letters and feels I have a lot to share with your readers.

I first want to say that I am black, sexy, and beautiful and love rough, lustful cat-wrestling with other women. I am thirty-two-years-old, 5'3': 108 pounds, have firm, big-nippled breasts and a round firm ass. I love turning on men and women by showing off my shapely body, especially in a cat-wrestling fight with another bitch who thinks she is sexier than me.
As for Jill and her boyfriend's contention that your letters leave out a key element in catfights, that is, the use of nails, I basically agree. As a woman who has been in at least four real catfights, I can personally attest that the main weapons used in a catfight are fingernails, hands and teeth. Once, I even used my toenails to tear another woman's stockings and scratch her thighs.

A catfight, as I understand it, is a fight between two females wherein they fight like cats. They don't wear boxing gloves, nor do they throw punches like men. It appears from many of your letters that Cavalier, and many of its readers, consider catfighting to include boxing, wrestling and fights between men and women. Catfighting is between females, down and dirty, with no holds barred. When women fight for real, it's always vicious, with face scratching, biting and hair pulling.
For your information, most women brag about the scars they have inflicted on their opponents. In most fights, that's how the winner is determined, since most catfights are broken up before they reach a definitive conclusion. When a woman scratches another woman in a catfight, she is leaving her marks for all the world to see. She is also letting other women know what could happen to them if they tangle with her. Although I don't have any marks from being bitten, I have a scratch mark on my face, and several claw marks on my breasts, back and, most recently, my ass. My boyfriend thinks my scratch marks are very sexy, and are evidence of my raw womanhood.

I disagree, however, with Jill about the effectiveness of long nails. My experience has been that the longer the nails are, the more they tend to break. On the other hand, shorter nails can do just as much, if not more, damage and don't tend to break in the heat of battle. Be careful, Jill, when you fight your boyfriend's secretary. Make sure your nails can do actual damage, and not just look like they can. Go for her face as soon as you can, and bite her nipples if you get the chance.
Since Jill has never been in a catfight, she may want to first try cat-wrestling. In cat-wrestling, there is no punching, biting or face scratching. Otherwise, anything else goes, including hair pulling, breast clawing and so forth. I have been in several vicious cat-wrestling matches, and really enjoy the opportunity to have a physical struggle with another woman. In one match with a white woman from Georgia, in which we fought in panties and stockings in front of our boyfriends, I ended up begging to have her release my breasts and ass from her nails. She was one tough bitch and although I would not want to really catfight her, I am looking forward to getting even in another cat-wrestling match. I plan to make her engage me in a tongue fight, and then use my toenails to claw her legs.
Best of luck, Jill! Write to Cavalier with the account of your fight. My boyfriend and I are really interested in reading about what happened.

A Real Catfighter, Boston


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