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Beatrice Goffin Reviews

Beatrice Goffin Video Reviews

Comments & questions welcomed....

A little background before my reviews ... .

I have been on the periphery of this "hobby" as I call it for many many years,
since as a teenager I saw my first Sports Review Wrestling. The videos I
eventually purchased started with what I found at the Adult Video Store, which
generally were Golden Girls type stuff ... . Eventually I found what I thought
I wanted in submission style hard real matches. They started with bikinis or
bathing suits, graduated to topless and include 1-2 nude matches. It is the
competitiveness of the matches and the competitors that attracts me. A few
have caught my fancy and I own a number of their matches. These include Ziggy,
Ali Day, Hana, Edita, a few with Raquel, Sally McNeil, Malibu (Destiny), Tigra
... But more than any, I have those with Beatrice Goffin. I have ordered and
seen videos by Kenstar, VSL, Ealer-Dayton, Judell Dulong (1), DWW, Some Round
Robin Tournaments, Ringside Productions, Women Warriors ... .. Outside DWW all
were US productions.

For some reason Beatrice caught my fancy as she was a pioneer who travelled,
when few did and taped for many producers and was always purported as one of
the best and a true icon. Also with all the tapes I have seen she has seemed
unbeatable. In addition to her matches vs. Lee Price, Ziggy, Ali Day, Kristie,
Danielle, Lynne- Marie, Maggie & others (Athens Tourney) she has met and
defeated Sherry (Festelle), Tigra & and many others in her travels ... ..

I always thought that her match vs. Ali Day was one of the best I ever saw and
close to my ideal for a match. Two women with great reputations meeting in a
best 2 out of 3 match with real tough submission wrestling that goes longer
then 30 minutes. So I later find that the match isn't 100% legit ... .. That's
okay, still a great tape in my books ... . I then see her graphic destruction
of Lee Price, who I thought of as a very good wrestler, experienced, younger &
bigger ... ... Beatrice I think was almost 50 at the time ... .. While a very
weak wrestling tape it certainly ingrained to me that Beatrice was one of the
greatest ... .

Even after all these years I had the nagging suspicion I had not seen a really
great match. I have seen very good, competitive matches that showed great
determination and skill. A match however that conjured up my memories of SRW,
some reviews I have read or the 2 stories I wrote (on Beatrice's and Sheri
Witlow's Yahoo sites) were not realistic but what I imagined as my ideal.

So I have not ordered in over 5 years, but see and read way more then I should
on the net (clips, pictures, sites, reviews, stories ... .) and finally
decided I had to figure out if I was right in my suspicions and did contact
Beatrice to tape matches for me. I was specific to the point that I wanted
what she thought were her best, most competitive matches, that includes
intensity and may be some animosity. In short I wanted her best matches.

There were a few hiccups with the money order (accidently sent pounds not
euros and exchange was terrible), the time to receive the videos (all things
considered 18 days not bad, but not DWW) and the length of videos received. I
have contacted Beatrice and we did have a testy back and forth, but Beatrice
to her credit has rectified the situation and I do appreciate that.

With the plethora of on-line companies, the best looking to be DWW, European
Fight Club & Fighting Style for the videos I want to see, I was ready to pay
more, send it by mail to see Beatrice. As an aside, while a great wrestler
with a decent body, I do not find her attractive, but am drawn to her like a
moth to light (ha ha ha).

Yes it is unrealistic to expect that there is a best wrestler out there and
that the best face the best ... . However when there were few wrestlers and
Beatrice travelled and beat those 'best' it made for a scenario.

So with that background here come the reviews. I will use the 1-5 * rating
system. I will go in reverse order and not give results. All were taped in
Beatrice's home, on a well padded mat, with good room for movement. They are
topless. Tape quality very good for videos that are probably at least 10-15
years old.

1. vs Dina - No background on her. She is quite attractive, a little bigger
then Beatrice, well built, strong with some good defensive skills. Some
slapping on the rear and the two are fairly cautious looking for openings. A
few takedowns and back up until one traps the other and wins the submission.
Mostly good natured, too short to be of much interest. 2**

2. vs. Maggie - A wrestler of very good reputation, very skilled and strong.
Not a very attractive woman, but that is not why I want to see the video. Saw
the two fight several falls in the Athen's Tape. Not a well shot or very
interesting tape, though fairly competitive with good skill. Beatrice must
have gotten 4-5 submissions from Maggie. This follow-up is much different. A
very competitive match with great determination, tight holds, competitive
counters and endurance. While very close and interesting there is a conclusive
winner and the two respect and are friendly with one another. A skilled strong
tape with few submissions over a decent length of time. The two have great
respect for one another and don't want to give up. 3.5*

3. vs. Leonie - The first two matches on the video were vs. who Beatrice
refers to as a b**** and her club rival Leonie. Leonie is a little smaller,
but has a very strong body like Beatrice made for wrestling. Beatrice has
commented on the fact she had a very devastating scissors. The first match is
actually titled The Rivals and has an introduction with the two sitting on a
couch dressed with a male talking to both of them that this is their third
meeting. Looks like a privately commissioned match, which with the background
and what I have been told about their relationship, makes the stakes, at least
in my furtive mind, more important. This is their third match (Beatrice or
I've been told, tells me they fought 7 times) and they split the first two, so
this will be the deciding match. The two basically talk a little about who
will win. A little forced and not great actresses. One look when they undress
and look at each other is that they are taking this seriously. One word
describes these matches ... ..WOW ... Almost everything I wanted or imagined
in a video ... .. The two go at each other with reckless abandon but with
magnificent skill. They do not want to lose or submit. Beatrice is caught in
many seemingly finishing holds and you can hear her screams and feel her pain.
But escape she does and does turn the tables and dish out revenge, but Leonie
also is not ready to give, though a lot less vocal. Some discussion in French,
which I can't fully make out. Incredible test of wills, strength,
determination and skill. These two don't smile and it seems more then just a
match. As good as the match vs. Maggie is, this one makes it pale by
comparison. They pull some hair, grind elbows, try nerve pinches and place
hands over mouth, but do fight fair. Both matches have almost everything ... .

Only thing missing and this is my personal bias is that the matches could have
gone longer (they do go very long and I don't want to give anything away) and
the winner should celebrate in some way. This was not a fun role around on a
carpet but a serious match and to me the winner should make the loser and
everyone know she is superior this day. I am not saying a la Lee Price or
Women Warrior, but along the lines of Beatrice vs. Ali Day, where the winner
celebrates over the loser or makes sure for all to hear and see that she won.
Must say I like to hear the verbal submission ... .

As a final comment I have been told, but not seen two victories Beatrice had
over Ziggy & Tigra, very impressive due to the age difference and particularly
height and weight vs. Tigra. Both matches reviewed were characterized by
Beatrice's skill where she got an advantage and basically held on 'til a
submission was attained. Here there were numerous ebbs and flows where many
times I expected to see a submission that never came.

I know the above is long, but I can't recommend enough for those interested to
order these videos. If your interests are anything close to mine you won't be

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