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TOPIC: Robin's Upcoming Competitive Pins Tourney

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Robin's Upcoming Competitive Pins Tourney

Pins Only Competitive Mini Tournament

November 10, 2010

The Following is a List of the Proposed Match-Ups:

Christine Dupree vs Ariel X (25-30 minutes)
Liz Lightspeed vs Ariel X (25-30 minutes)
Christine Dupree vs Liz Lightspeed (25-30 minutes)


Robin vs Winner of The Tournament

Also that week (but not in the Tournament)
Nicole Oring vs Kristiana (Competitive Submission)
Julie Winchester vs Lisa Comshaw (ReMatch from our 2009 Live Event!)

The mini tournament will feature 4 matches total. 25 30 minutes of sweaty competitive action. All of the Tournament matches will be topless except for Robin's. A lot of people get tired of matches that are too technical and may like to see some raw sweaty sexy action with 2 gorgeous girls working each other into a pinned submission or a 10 count pin beneath them.All types of pins are allowedthat includes facesitting, high school boy pins, smother pins of all kinds, grapevines, cross body pins, match box pinswhatever works The winner will have 5 minutes to dominate and humiliate the loser in any manner she wishesThe girls will be interviewed before and after the matches.

Please email me at fightbabe@gmail.com for more information and thank you in advance for your generosity and making this mini tournament happen!!!

Sponsorship & General Information


Only pins will be allowed in these matches. The winner of the matches will be the woman who obtains the most pins in the applicable time-limit. All combatants will wrestle barefoot and topless (except for Robin) in these matches, and the matches will be fought on a large matted area. These matches will occur on November 10th, 2010 in Southern California, and will be available first to sponsors, and then for sale at a later date to the general public at Robin's LesFemmesFatales website www.lesfemmesfatales.com

SPONSORSHIP Opportunities

We are pleased to announce that Les Femmes Fatales Productions (LFFP) is once again offering the opportunity for sponsors to help us bring exciting competitive wrestling action to our fans. LFFP has a special treat for fans of female wrestling, as we are seeking sponsors for matches involving some of the most attractive, sexy, and highly skilled women involved in the business: Robin, Christine Dupree, Ariel X, Liz Lightspeed, and in separate matches from the Tournament: Nicole Oring, Kristiana, Julie Winchester, and Lisa Comshaw . The complete sponsorship packages are listed below, followed by a description and pics of the fighters.


LFFP will offer the following Sponsorship packages in order to encourage persons to help these matches happen!!!

$50 gets the sponsor 1 match, and a video from the catalogue.

$75 gets the sponsor 2 matches from the tournament, and a video from the catalogue.

$100 gets the sponsor 3 matches from the tournament, and a video from the catalogue.

$135 gets the sponsor all 4 matches from the tournament, and a video from the catalogue.

Matches will be delivered either as a download, or a DVD, at the discretion of the Sponsor.

Persons interested in sponsoring these matches, as well as the Nicole Oring vs Kristiana or Julie Winchester vs Lisa Comshaw matches, may contact Robin directly for payment information via email at fightbabe@gmail.com , or on her cell phone, (323) 702-1947. Paypal, check, and money orders are all accepted forms of payment.

If you can help to make these matches happen, please consider doing so, as without sufficient sponsorship packages to cover our production costs we cannot afford to hold what promises to be exciting competitive submission matches between these highly skilled and sexy competitors. *Robin and her support staff at LFFP would like to thank you in advance for your consideration of these sponsorship packages.

THE Ladies

--------------------ROBIN ---------------- ------------ ------ --

Robin, our very own FightBabe, has been the proverbial icon in the female wrestling world. Robin is one of the sexiest wrestlers ever to be involved in the mat scene. Robin has blonde hair, and her toned and curvaceous body reflects her dedication to as a competitve athlete.She stands about 56 and weighs about 118 pounds. Robins Les Femmes Fatales website was one of the first sites of its type on the Internet. Robins main website, www.LesFemmesFatales.com maintains a huge Member's Area and has a video catalog of more than 300 titles. Her vast library includes many varying types of videos featuring fantasy, pro-style, fetish, and competitive matches among its diverse and numerous offerings. Besides her many sexy and fantasy themed videos, Robin is a highly skilled and accomplished technical wrestler, and has trained in both judo and jiu-jitsu disciplines. Robin has worked for literally dozens of production companies and has competed against such great wrestlers such as Beatrice Goffin, Helen Von Mott, Tania from Belgium, Ana Leal from Portugal, Tina from Sweden and Klaudia from Eastern Europe, and has always given her very best effort. Indeed, Robin was victorious in many of those very tough match-ups mentioned here, and she has never fought a match that wasn't incredibly competitive. More recently , Robin has produced and participated in countless videos from her own www.LesFemmesFatales.com company, and she recently orchestrated another of her exciting Live Events in August of 2009. The following month, Robin faced an incredibly tough opponent in Lina at MWC, and she did her fans proud, demonstrating she is one of the best! Robin has had competitive matches against such tough competition as Xana, Nadege, Anne Hurricane from Belgium, Ariel X, Viragos Grace and Yana, Sybil Starr (at the WWC), Liz Lightspeed, Christine Dupree, Cathy Aublin from France, Brandy from Chicago, Kristie Etzold, and more recently Lia Labowe and Ariel X. Without a doubt, Robin is one of the most exciting wrestlers to watch in competition, as she gives it her all at all times!!! Be sure to check out Robin's excellent websites: LesFemmesFatales.com, FightBabesCorner.com , and LiftXpress.com .

---------------------ARIEL X------------------------- --------------

Ariel X is a streaked blonde who has taken the wrestling world by storm. Ariel is 54 about 115 pounds, incredibly fit, and a highly skilled grappler who is trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu (bjj) and the Israeli street fighting art of Krav Maga. She fought Robin in a heated and closely contested match at Robins live event last August, and it was an incredibly tough match, as all of her matches have been when she has faced Robin. Their match alone will make the event worthwhile!!! Ariel has been impressive in all her matches, and especially in her fights during the past year or so. Ariel trains religiously and wrestles competitively on a frequent basis. Ariel is modest about her abilities, but don't be fooled by her modest demeanor. This little hellcat simply won't submit!!! In the past, she has endured submission holds that very few wrestlers could have endured (ask anyone that has been scissored by Robin!!!). In addition to Robin, and Sybil Starr (who Ariel fought for WBI last year), Ariel has fought many talented wrestlers from Academy Productions such as Dia Zerva, Darling, Isabel, Madison Young, and very recently the much bigger and stronger Abby Aldrich. She has wrestled extensively in matches for Ultimate Surrender and Academy Productions, and in those matches she has demonstrated a high degree of wrestling skill, and has been dominating most of those opponents in her recent matches. Ariel has done straight non-topless wrestling too, and often works for WeBringit.com (WBI). *You can learn more about Ariel X at her website: http://www.ariel-x.com/ and at her Yahoo group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/arielx/

Christine Dupree

Christine Dupree is another veteran session wrestle who has competed well against the many opponents she has faced over the years. *Christine is about 55 and 130 pounds. *She has seen much action in her career as a competitive wrestler and boxer. *In fact, Christine was a pro kickboxer a few years back. *Christine has worked for many production companies including Women Warriors, Tigra Productions and Robins Les Femmes Fatales, too. *Christine has competed against Robin at Robins Live Events in 2001 and 2004 in what were highly competitive matches, with each woman winning one of those fights. Robin and Christine have had some incredibly hard fought matches over the years, and although they may be friends, they have a special competitive chemistry on the mats that is guaranteed to produce an exciting match-up. * In addition, Christine has faced many other formidable opponents in past years such as Sally McNeal, Angella Faith, Jacqueline and River of Virago fame and she has always competed exceptionally well against her wrestling foes.

You can see photos of Christine and other interesting stuff at her official Yahoo Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/christinedupreeinternetclub/

Liz Lightspeed

Liz Lightspeed is a seasoned session wrestler with a great deal of experience in competitive marches. *Liz stands about 58 and weighs about 130 pounds. *Liz is a true athlete and she lives to win. Liz was a gymnast, diver and track and field competitor growing up. *Liz is trained in martial arts, yoga, boxing and gymnastics. *Liz has worked for many production companies, including Robins Les Femmes Fatales and FightBabe's Corner companies. *Liz has appeared at several of the Wrestling Conventions and has faced many skilled opponents in recent years such as Amy of Virago, Neko from Canada, Stormee Knights, Frankie Zappitelli and Robin herself. *Liz has been a fan favorite at Robins previous live events where she faced the tall athletic Becky and the strong and experienced Celeste in highly competitive action. *Liz will be a formidable opponent for anyone in this Tournament and she matches up quite nicely against almost any opponent likely to compete. Like Robin, Liz has strength, skill, and incredible flexibility to overcome her opponent, and we plan on seeing the two of them in a competitive submission match in the future.

Ladies in individual matches (not part of the Pins Only Tournament)


Kristiana, in her late twenties, is a sexy, dark-haired Italian beauty who stands about 57, weighs about 130 pounds and who hasa background in pro-style, scripted and competitive wrestling videos. *Kristiana has had competitive matches against such formidable opponents as Mutiny, Lia LaBowe, Nikki Fierce, Sexy Starlett and the bodybuilder/pole dance instructress Fawnia Mondey, and has acquitted herself admirably in all those matches. *Kristiana has worked for such production companies as www.lesfemmesfatales.com , www.fightbabescorner.com , Straddle Productions, and RingMaster Girls. You can check out files and photos of Kristiana in her Yahoo Group: http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/kristianakristianakristi/.

Nicole Oring

Nicole Oring is a sexy and athletic wrestler that has recently started working for Robin's sites Les Femmes Fatales and FightBabes Corner and has brought her spirited and fun loving attitude along with her. Nicole competed in Robin's Live Event in August of 2009, and she had an exciting match against Andrea, a fabulously sexy bartender that jumped at the chance to enter the ring and grapple with Nicole. Her match-up against Kristiana promises to be a hard fought match between two ladies of comparable skill, and unequivocal beauty. Surely it will be one to remember as both these ladies bring their own special flair to the mats.

Julie Winchester

Julie Winchester AKA Gina Carrera has been involved in the wrestling scene for many years. *Julie is 55 and about 120 pounds. *Similar to Lisa Comshaw/Tori Sinclair, Julie has done mostly scripted/fantasy videos over the years, working primarily for Double Trouble. *However, Julie has been doing mixed semi-competitive sessions with men for years and she wrestled competitively at one of Robins Live Events a few years ago, showing a lot of heart and courage as she went up against a very skilled wrestler in KO Casey. Julie faced Lisa in a pins and scissors submissions match at Robins Live Event on August 15th, 2009, and it was a very exciting and clsoelt contested match.

Lisa Comshaw

Lisa Comshaw is a dark-haired beauty who is about 56 and 135 pounds. Lisa, who has appeared in soft core adult films as Tori Sinclair, is also a fan favorite and a queen of scripted wrestling and catfighting videos. *She has done quite a number of them for Robins Les Femmes Fatales company as well as for Hollywoods website and outfits like Double Trouble as well. *However, not everyone knows that Lisa is a pretty fair competitive wrestler too. *She wrestled the much bigger Celeste in a tough match for Robin a number of years ago and had a great match against Starr at Robins Live Event in 2001 and acquitted herself quite nicely in both of those matches. *Lisa and Julie once again had a spectacular match at Robin's Live Event in 2009, and this rematch has been very highly anticipated. You can see photos of the lovely Lisa/Tori at her Yahoo Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/torisinclairlisacomshawfanclub/

Therefore, if you are able to do so, LFFP hopes that you would consider purchasing one of the sponsorship packages. *If you email Robin, she will give you a PayPal account or make other arrangements for payment to support what should be some great competitive submission wrestling matches.

Peace and Love,


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